Bespoke Bookplates and Labels

What we make

We create product labels for furniture craftspeople and bookplates for bibliophiles. We print each label by hand on our antique letterpress equipment using the finest mould made papers available. Our use of quality materials means your labels will last for hundreds of years.
Our unique stock of type ornaments and wood engravings make for an unforgettable impression.

What's up with Letterpress?
For over 500 years the tactile beauty of printing with handset metal type has remained the premiere printing process due to the brilliant and crisp bite of the letters into lush paper. And with the renewed interest in all things analog, letterpress fits perfectly with your handmade work or prized books

What can I get?

We are currently offering a selection of 23 options. Each design is offered with a choice of up to four color combinations. We handset the metal printers type with your name; and you get to choose between three sub-lines depending on your label choice.

How long does it take?
Generally you will receive your labels in about three weeks. You will be notified when we get your order, and again when it leaves the shop.

Can I get something else?
We hope our customers will understand that in order to keep the price to a minimum we have decided to keep things simple, and currently we can not accept any special orders. If you need a bespoke label we hope you will turn to your local letterpress printer.

What will it cost?

$100 for 100 labels
You will receive a package of 100 ungumed labels hand-printed by letterpress on fine archival mould made paper.

What if I don't need so many?
For our cabinet maker friends we are pleased to offer our 50/50 Option. You may substitute half of your order with 50 book plates for an additional $25

How do it paste them into my book?
The best way to mount a book plate is to dab the two upper corners with a tiny bit of PVA (like Elmer's) white glue). Other than that we suggest you use an acid-free spay mount, or obtain a wheat paste from a conservation supply house.